Monitoring Automation

Accurate and frequent collection of critical data points, presented as decision quality information at your fingertips.


Know the exact state of your assets at all times

  • Pressure
  • Flow Volume
  • Corrosion
  • Precise Point Positioning
  • Temperature
  • Leak Detection
  • Vibration

Reduce errors and ambiguity in business data

Accurate data from remote field sites, that you can rely on, to run your business.
Leak Detection

Increase your Workplace Safety, Minimize your downtime

Reduce Operational Cost

Eliminate manual data collection efforts and associated travel.

Business Intelligence. From Sensor to Boardroom

Acquired data turned into decision quality information at your fingertips.

Highly configurable Reporting and Notifications

  • Conditional Alarms to deal with exceptions, rather than all data points.
  • Customized informational and analytical reports.
Flow Volume

Flexible, Scalable and Easy to Maintain Commissioning:

Monitoring Nodes
Data Gateway
DB & App Servers
User Interface
Acquired data hosted or transmitted in right time or real-time via Cell, Satellite, Ethernet, WiFi.

Extensive Experience in Diverse Industries

Over 2,500 monitoring automation systems in 10 countries.
Oil & Gas, Mining, Automotive, Telecom, Exploration, Fuel Cell.
Precise Point Positioning

24/7 Global Support & Certified Training