Spill Control

Accidents happen. When a spill occurs, efficient and safe clean-up is critical for employee safety and protecting the environment.


Brady. Since 1914.

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Complete range of spill control products

  • Customized Spill Kits

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  • Mobilized truckloads of spill control products within hours of Deep Water Horizon and Lac Megantic disasters

SpillFix - All Purpose Absorbent

  • 100% Organic. Sustainably produced from coconut husks.
  • Silica and Dust Free
  • Unique capacity for absorption and encapsulation
  • Up to 8X more absorbent than traditional clay based granular products
  • Not a WHMIS 2015 (GHS) Control product
  • Leaves no slippery residue
  • Reusable until fully saturated
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and store
  • Saves logistics and transportation